Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Not a Sudden Thing

I owe you one post!!

Yes, you!!!

So, the last story was about my preparation becoming a teacher in private international elementary school in Surabaya. All I can say, I decided not to take the opportunity and threw away all the long tiring steps that I'd done (ngek!!). And well, I don't mean to say these words again, but in such of a sudden, again, I was in Semarang and I've been here for about 2 weeks already.. Yes, I mentioned the keyword: sudden.

Actually it wasn't that sudden. I mean it. Someone told me about this opportunity long time before I decided to join the program. Though it sounds so sudden, in fact it's not. I just felt not, so it is not, eod. LOL

Anyway, what I do in this new place is teaching, let me say tutoring some students again. The job takes one month so I need 2 weeks more. There is a team, a superb one, consists of 24 superb tutors and 1 superb big boss. We have 18 meetings in each week, so that a 'superb' adj should be added as the beginning..:D

Ok, because I love teaching, I love this job. Let me say how to be creative, how to be more matured, and how to manage your own health. The other tutors are them who have so many experiences in teaching English. Most of them were graduate from English Education faculty, some were graduate from the most famous English course in Pare, and one of them is just me.. someone who has a bit weird background.. (no wonder, being different is my plus one, lol). The activities are so good. I mean it. Though it's completely different from being Grammar Speaking Teacher, it's still good, it's even better. I learn a lot of lessons from my roommate, from the other tutors, and from my students. I learn how to handle big class, how to cheer up bored and boring class, how to deliver material efficiently, and the other how to. The other tutors are so awesome; some of them are stunning. I admire them a lot. There was a time when I felt like I want to have one more Bachelor degree and it should be a Bachelor of Education. But then I thought that Master of Teaching is still better, so I skipped the idea, continued to learn everything from my awesome new friends, and kept praying for Master of Teaching..:)

Here I give ya some photographs:
Me and my roommate, just being moron in one of shoe boutique :B
It's some of our students. They're from Group 15, and we have 24 groups!! :B
This month should be the memorable one, because the togetherness of the 'superb' team is so awesome. We have breakfast, lunch, stressed, and much more together (please skip your negative thinking!!), even whole members got influenza together! LOL.

Back to the word Love, some days ago, I wrote these words in my journal:
Let me say I know your smile, not that beautiful, but I know it. Let me say it's not that beautiful, but I like it. Let me say you don't have a perfect eyes, but I like it. Let me say you don't want to be around me, but I do want it; I want it much. Let me say you don't have any feelings anymore, but I just fell in love with you. I JUST fell in love with you. So just DON'T go away!!! Ngek!!!
Bisolvon must have made me flying that high.. Ckckck.. (mumbling)


  1. jekiiii kerennnnnnnnnn... unyuuu.. ~ =3 hehehheeee.....

  2. It's not me, U're the awesome one!!! :D


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