Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Short Article

So, let's not talk about the crush in whoever heart. Crush is completely natural, and we just need to face it. Love is so common thing. Avoiding? You'll be torn into pieces!! Just let it flows. Disappearing was a stupid thing. (hum, it turns out that I'm talking about this crush, haha!!)

A week with failed disappearing, I succeeded with my first short article in my writing class (or actually you can say a stupid short article). It was the report about the line graph that the question asked. So, here it goes.. (let's focus on my report, not to the graph I don't display, wkwk)
The line graph presents the data of wheat exports over The European Community, Canada, and Australia from 1985-1990. According to the graph, wheat exports of each nation during the five-year period was fluctuating. In 1985, as the starting point, Canada exported the highest amount of wheat, compared to the other nations. The amount dropped steadily at the year of 1986, and increased until it peaked at 25 million of tonnes in 1988. This number made Canada the most wheat-exporting country in the same period. After having the top position, the wheat exports of Canada declined rapidly to around 15 million of tonnes in 1989. From this year to the end point in 1990, Canada could only increase its wheat exports by about 5 million of tonnes.

Australia had its own story. Begun with the lowest amount of wheat exports, Australia was the only nation that could rise the export in the year of 1986, while others dropped the amount. The year of 1986 also became the highest achievement in wheat exports of Australia, because the amount reached its peak at around 16 million of tonnes in the year. Australia couldn't present any achievement anymore, after in 1986 the wheat exports fell slightly and it continued until the end year of period (1990) at around 10 million of tonnes. This amount was the lowest that Australia ever exported through the period, and the lowest compared to Canada and European community ever did during the same period.

Wheat exports at European community was different. It had a better growth than the other countries. From over the five-year period, European community only had one decrease in its wheat exports. It happened in the period of 1985 as the starting point to 1986. From 1987-1988 the export remained stable and tended to rise in the following year. It reached its highest amount at around 20 million of tonnes, exactly at the closing point. It was also the highest amount in 1990.
Take a look to the passage. There's should be an introductory, trends, body texts, and one that I couldn't think: CONCLUSION!! That's the hardest part besides my habit. Ya, my habit. I'm so narrative in telling a story, so describing, and it's not good for 150-words-report article. When I gave the article to my mentor, she just said: 'Zakiya, are you going to tell a story, or a report??'
(Hmmm, habit-changing is a 'lil bit hard to do, Ms., wkwk..)

Then it's gonna be my homework, makeover habit, learn to write the conclusion, and make peace with the crush inside my heart.. The last is gonna be the hardest. Falling in love is always complicated..


Monday, April 11, 2011

Appearing / Disappearing

Now I feel like I really want to disappear from this world. How come? I don't know. I just want it. As the thing that I did weeks ago. It's not about my existence, well ya honestly, maybe it's a 'lil bit about it, but it's not that important.. (if I said it's not important, usually means the opposite).

Ok, it's important then. I really mean it.

I just want to go away, though everybody know that now, I'm in the middle of it. And this existence is not supposed for those people. It's just for a person. One man. (Nah, now I'm talking about man, boring..). Feeling hurt? No, I just see some scares. I'm scared. Of? Of undefined thing. I must use my backbone, for sure. I really should put back away that 'wish-bone', and take my 'backbone' in its original place. And disappearing is the way I make it happen, the way I put off my 'wish-bone', and use my 'backbone' again. Too much wishes isn't good at all. I should once again standalone, have a wish on my own, and make it come true from my own. I shouldn't wish anything from anybody.

And about disappearing, is it a great idea? Should I take this way to put off the 'wish-bone'? Are there no other idea?? Let me think.. (tik tok tik). The problem is, actually I need to be not disappearing. I should come up in order to track IM activities, because I still want to get into them. Tracking means appearing, disappearing means moron. Tracking means 'wishbone' and it's stupid, then disappearing means 'backbone'. Hmm, in fact it returns that these appearing and disappearing are actually a moron, both are stupid thing, indeed.. 

Gyaaaaabooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllppp!!!!!!!!