Monday, September 30, 2013

First Morphine Experience

One of my biggest dreams in my life is having high-moment with my husband, later when I get married and perhaps when there are children and other awesome-yet-complicated things in marriage. I suppose the "high-moment" should be performed by chemicals such as well, pop corn or hot dog (read: marijuana and friends). I was really planning on tasting those "substances" to make me high. Yet, destiny smiles different. I got the opportunity earlier, about two weeks ago. Morphine was in my blood because I had a surgery. It was indeed so-sudden (again) surgery. There was no high. Husband don't ask.

I definitely felt nervous. I would have some amount of morphine in my blood, letting my whole body unconscious for some time (approximately about 4 hours until I opened my eyes), and of course letting those doctors chop my body (eugh). The latest made me so stupidly brave and also "huwaoh"!! (sound of the nervous nerve).

This first surgery was so awesome. Damn, I really love their service. Turns out my doctor is the "special" doctor, one of them who handle the ODC (Operasi Dalam Sehari). He's special, indeed (lame detected). So, ODC has its own special room, special service, special doctor, and special price. Thank God my doctor is placed there, so I can have the first class experience with a "lower" budget. See, even the nurse took me to the toilet! How cute he was!! (lame detected #2).

As I said before, there was no "flying-high" (at all) as soon as the morphine struck my vein. I was just "lost" and the next thing I knew, I had myself awake in  different room, the other part of ODC besides the operating room. They called it the sterile room. I only had half consciousness at that time. And the moment when I woke up, I mumbled "uuggghhh... uuughhh... ugggghhh...". It was so typical mumble of me when get sick. 

I heard some woman said that I had woken up already to the one that I know later was one of my anesthetists. He waited me 'til I got my "OK" consciousness level.

In less than half of consciousness, I immediately called him and asked about the state of my disease and my surgery. I remember having this conversation without enough power to open my mouth perfectly. So yeah, it was a bit mumble also. I asked him three questions. First about my disease. He said he was the anesthetist, he didn't know about it. Some minutes later I called him again. He stood up, and came approaching me (again). "How long was my surgery going?", I said (with half mouth open). He then took my medical report and answered that it was one hour and a half. I couldn't focus on anything, just felt my head so heavy. I felt heavy too on my eyes.

Some minutes later, I could feel my brain thinking. By the time the doctor checked my IV and my drain to prepare my moving to my room (which meant I got the wanted consciousness level already), I mumbled out what my brain had been thinking: "Doc, why I didn't dream anything?" That time, he chose not to answer my question. And now I still wonder why he was so silent for the question.. (lame detected #3)

Ah, I really miss and will miss my experience in ODC.. for sure..!!!

"Go to hell, Lady.."