Thursday, August 20, 2015

Before It's Too Late

Oh, Tuhan! Rasanya sudah berabad tidak menulis! BAH!!!

HAHA (Baca: bahaha)

As an apology (to whom?), I plan to write everyday in the next seven days ahead. Well, I hope it's not just a nonsense wish.

I wasn't busy, of course. I had some ideas about things I needed to share here, of course. But I had also this issue of laziness. It's pathetic. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell the detail. YEAH, MAYBE. It'll contain some stories when I joined Dee's Coaching Clinic some months ago. YEAH, EXACTLY DEE'S WRITING CLASS!!!! I really wanted to write about it, but such stupid thing haunted me. Well, I have no more apology to tell.

ANYWAY. Recently I have put more concern in spiritual matter. I can't say I have the superb experience yet, but that's the goal, I suppose. Being moslem since a kid, raised in society who believes things beyond the logic (read: Java), I can't resist the need to study more about it. I have questioned it since I was so young. And yes, it's been haunting me for a long time. If I believe in god, pray five times a day (If not lazy :p), I need to believe the "system" around it (yes, I use "it"). Of course one of the systems is the physical-logical "brainy" world that we've worshiped since long time ago (since we say yes to "west"/Greek conception?). The opposite would be the spiritual life, or the systems that the logic can't cover. Well I'm done talking about differences of both, because now I'm thinking, is it possible for the other systems beyond the two to exist?

(Sorry about my habit asking questions in the middle of story telling).

So then after I had my thesis exam, I read The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. Not on purpose, absolutely. I went home, met my family, happily hahaha (?), and I needed company, book I mean, by the time I should travel back to YK. I checked the bookshelf and saw the green cover. I remembered I'd tried reading it but it had been a failure. And I thought I should read it again. I took it and read some pages on the train, and when I finished reading: man oh man. It was awesome to, once again, have the desire of wanting something. It reminded me of Coelho's, and of course, Dee's. They're different, definitely. Redfield tries to explain the spiritual life in more-detail way. It's more like a complete guidance, than a literature. And every newbie loves detail directions, very much.

And so I was so into Redfield's, and tried to find the sequels (and forgot that I must write something at least!). But I couldn't find any in bookstores. And the journey to find the book was officially started. I think I should skip the detail. Just when I was in Pamulang, I bought all four of them from AWESOME. Yet, I didn't finish reading the series 'till just some days after my graduation which was some weeks ago. SHAME.

For me, two most important conceptions from the books are (1) about the energy surrounding the life and (2) about the fact that the coincidences are meaningful. Others are awesome too, but they're hard to reach, because Redfield also tells many things that are a bit impossible to imagine. I need to start from the easiest part, for sure.

All things vibrate their energy, living or non-living. Human, with their emotion, tend to get the energy by stealing the energy of others by conflicting, war, intimidating, interrogating, or other dramas. Yet human forget that there's source for infinite energy: mother of nature (that we try to destroy, ironically). The vibration of energy attracts some coincidences beyond the logic, but we can still sense it. People love to call it as sign. I don't try to explain semiotics here. I mention sign in its very ancient meaning. So one event doesn't just occur without meaning. Everything is meaningful. And when there's coincidence, there's a bigger system try to warn us about something. It could be the information we need (from others) for the next step we should take, or the information for others (from us). It then will lead us to the bright future. I know it seems so lame. But bright future is the best metaphor that I could think of. Don't think it as great amount of money, not if you don't want it, and what I mean by you is the bigger YOU, not just you in conscious way. As one connects to others - to other human, living and non-living things, to nature - (or what's called synchronization), I guess the path suggested by the coincidences is the best for the whole things. Redfield mentions it as the vision of life of every human. And the coincidences try to lead us succeeding the vision. Of course, the next-yet-more-difficult level is how we realize our mission on earth. And so, yes, we were born with some missions to accomplish.

The spiritual experience is the stuff that I want most. I can't tell that I have ever had one. But I guess all human can't be separated from the spiritual side. So maybe the right sentence would be "I want the conscious spiritual experience", the things that happened to them who meditate, pray, dance, sing, etc., and they could sense the experience consciously. I've read about this stuff many times. And I need to experience it myself. But it's not an easy task, certainly not.

One door leads to another door. Years ago I tried to learn meditating and of course it didn't work. Today my brain is more and more stubborn. It's really hard to focus when praying, or even when reciting Qur'an! Stubborn, I said! And because I don't have tight schedule, or you may say I don't even have any, I have plenty leisure time (how can I say I have leisure time when I don't have productive activity), and I ended up in some TV series, and TV series (and books, and books, and siesta and siesta). Until I watched The Legend of Korra.

The four seasons contain awesome insight about spiritual and physical life. And it's Avatar's duty to bring balance of both life. Spiritual life has been pictured in such mother nature. I mean spirits love to live in jungle, swamp, mountain (full of wood), and such. And Korra The Avatar opens the portals that let the spirit and human live together (consciously). People then can see some cute little bunnies as nice spirit, that becomes ugly and dangerous if they get mad. I imagine it in real world. How if people here can sense the spirits with naked eyes and live with it? They must be so frightened since I'm sure it's only anger that remains in spirits life. See how bad we destroy the ecosystem. We've certainly lack the energy, back to Redfield's words.

Korra also taught me how cool meditation is. And after watching it, my mind was picturing Korra in her position adventuring her journey to spiritual life. I don't want this stuff, because I don't like the "shallow" interpretation of spiritual journey. Combining the other readings (Redfield+Others) with the series of Avatar, I find that it is still possible to access the spiritual experience. The bigger me will always be ready to lead. I just need to keep listening.

Anyway, it seems too pathetic knowing that I want the spiritual experience that much without mentioning the reasons. Well, I don't have the exact one. But I need to find out what my mission is, since I've believed for a long time, that I was born without no reason. And theoretically, by having the spiritual experience, our body is synchronizing with the higher energy. It's been said that the sensation would be so amazing. And again, I need to feel it! Before it's too late!!