Saturday, May 07, 2011


My nowadays headline is: "Sudden". It's not the name of a nation or something, it's just a noun, something related to 'hurry', but fyi I'm not in the middle of a hurry. Ok, let me make it clearer, here we go.
About 7 weeks ago, suddenly I was in Malang, and about 2 weeks later, just like a flash of light, I was in Jakarta. A week after that, I continued my plan: learning IELTS in a small town called Pare, so suddenly I was in Pare. Then, about 2 weeks later (or two weeks ago from today), I wasn't a student in IELTS program anymore: I was recruited to become a teacher. Bah, that so astonished of me!! So suddenly (again) I was a teacher.
And being a teacher all of a sudden is completely not easy. A lazy student becomes a teacher?? Oh, what a lesson!!! It's so hard that I got influenza (I still often sneeze at the moment), and a lil bit frustration. The problem is: I didn't get any lesson to be a teacher! I should learn it by myself. I should search for tomorrow's material, for the method, and create some lesson plans. That's so tiring!!!! And the worst part was that I can't do my habit: 'skipping class', that's right, it was the hardest part and don't ever imagine that I will do it, I'm a teacher btw.. Hah!!

That's why, I was tired and frustrated. The students sometimes didn't get what I'd explained, or something that made me more frustrated: they didn't come to class (well at least now i know how the teacher feels when there's just a few students come), or their stupid act in the classroom by comparing me and another teacher from another course, that was so hell for me..

But life's still moving on, right? Because it was my decision to be more proactive as a person - for the better quality of me, so I should continue to learn to become a good teacher. It's just a month, and will be very great experience for me.. These sudden things, well I guess I was the one who attracted it, I wanted these things, so they came to me. Well, God always shows me the way, I shouldn't be desperate anymore, and I really hope not anymore..:)

Anyway, still with the same topic: even I fell in love in such of a sudden!! I fell, I loved, and suddenly get dumped. Oh, what a stupid sudden love, bahaha... (crying)

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