Friday, May 27, 2011

Lesson Plan

I'm an addict!! I'm an addict!!

Lalala.. Yah, that's right, finally I'm addicted to create some lesson plans. Still remember how stupid I was about 3weeks ago, confusing about how to enliven the class, and how to get class attention? I passed that step and succeeded in having a good class, above average one. Yeayy!!!! I found some ways to create creative lesson plans, or creative class that make the students cheer up and active, and say: 'Yea, I love this class!!'. Lalala again..:D

Well maybe I'm not an expert one, maybe there are some stupid things inside my lesson plans (ps: I said maybe:p), but this is my best that I can do. I searched in the internet, modified it with the class situations, and tata!! I have the method!!! It is a new method and different from the previous teacher's method, but I believe my method is better than what the perv. teacher had, hahaha!! (evil)

Ok, let's ignore about my evil, eh??(O.o)

And, the matter is, I only have about 7 days more to teach, or to create lesson plans. So I want to make my last 2 classes as my best classes. I will create a funny attractive and interesting class. I will make them laugh. I will make them happy. And moreover, I will make them fully understand about grammar speaking class. Make them understand that speaking with grammar is actually a 'lil bit confusing. (ninja)

If there's 17th tense named Present Perfectly Confusing, then there is also one new kind of speaking: Confusing-Grammar Speaking (that actually a 'lil bit impossible to do).

But impossible is nothing, right?
*(jyah, akhir2nya iklan..)

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  1. inspiring nih, perlu ditiru semangatnya... ;)


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