Monday, April 11, 2011

Appearing / Disappearing

Now I feel like I really want to disappear from this world. How come? I don't know. I just want it. As the thing that I did weeks ago. It's not about my existence, well ya honestly, maybe it's a 'lil bit about it, but it's not that important.. (if I said it's not important, usually means the opposite).

Ok, it's important then. I really mean it.

I just want to go away, though everybody know that now, I'm in the middle of it. And this existence is not supposed for those people. It's just for a person. One man. (Nah, now I'm talking about man, boring..). Feeling hurt? No, I just see some scares. I'm scared. Of? Of undefined thing. I must use my backbone, for sure. I really should put back away that 'wish-bone', and take my 'backbone' in its original place. And disappearing is the way I make it happen, the way I put off my 'wish-bone', and use my 'backbone' again. Too much wishes isn't good at all. I should once again standalone, have a wish on my own, and make it come true from my own. I shouldn't wish anything from anybody.

And about disappearing, is it a great idea? Should I take this way to put off the 'wish-bone'? Are there no other idea?? Let me think.. (tik tok tik). The problem is, actually I need to be not disappearing. I should come up in order to track IM activities, because I still want to get into them. Tracking means appearing, disappearing means moron. Tracking means 'wishbone' and it's stupid, then disappearing means 'backbone'. Hmm, in fact it returns that these appearing and disappearing are actually a moron, both are stupid thing, indeed.. 

Gyaaaaabooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllppp!!!!!!!!

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