Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Exclamation Mark (!)

Super duper don't know what to write, but super duper want to write something!

I thought you have so many ideas?!?

Exactly. Too many that I don't have the energy to execute them!!!

Well, people said that breaking down the tasks, doing them one by one will help - instead of piling them up, procrastinating, and being stressed out of not producing a thing. You do have too much inside that little head!

Omg that reminds me of small winnings that we use(d) to aim when doing the workshop (hopefully) for change with people.

What's that about?

Something like, aiming too big is kind of unrealistic, especially when it's about changing the system (as it is A SYSTEM - huge behavioral change in all levels is needed) and instead creating smaller pieces of works, playing on smaller scale, that realistically can sustain longer sounds more doable...

That's exactly it! Now do you think you can apply it on your daily basis?

My mind is always scattered by too many projects. New stuff is always entertaining. Yet, it is unlikely for me to change this habit. And I think it's okay.

It's okay as long as you don't get too depressed due to the overthinking.

Sadly and.. luckily, yes, at some point I'll remember the stuff that I've procrastinated as it's always based on curiosities... as it always needs more and more investigations... which I like.

That kind of mid...

Haha. Exactly.

How about writing about the things that you want to blog, and then visit this page again once you want to blog?

I have two posts that I haven't finished, related with the Postcolonialism and short story. It will need so much time to finish those.

Those were from MONTHS ago!

You kidding. One of them was from two years ago if I'm not mistaken. Haha. I don't just write, I need to read first in order to write them...

And yet you choose to rehearse uke or keyboard..

Or sing, or meditating... I have so many excuses!

Oh, well... What's the new ideas for blog posts then?

I recently had two fieldworks in Papua, and there's this concerning stuff happening to the society there - to the native ones. I want to share about it. Also maybe two short stories. Also I want to write about Gautama and Muhammad - or Islam (or major religion) and Buddhism.

My God you sound to have all the time!

I know right, help meeeee!!! And yet the Ramadan is super soon to come!!

If you need more fun post, you can actually post about your #latteartAthome project

Yeah, that's a good one. But it's not a fast writing as I need to check my archives, and maybe take some more pictures...

Well, it's like you take it too seriously...

That's the only way I feel happy with my works (?)

It seems different from some years ago!

IT IS DIFFERENT! I change!!!

Obviously, except that exclamation marks?!?

Exactly (!!!!)